Wine is like a human being.
A person whom you like the presence is a person you certainly trust: with no hidden agenda, honest, straightforward. What you see is what you get. We believe that the honesty of a good wine, dry, direct, unsophisticated elicits the best in people.

Respect for people and vine

Vine is… alive. It lives and grows under care, passion and patience.
Vine knows if it gets respect. At Averesti we value the work of our people whereas the best technology helps us make the most out of what the terroir gives us.

The preference for simplicity

Whoever tasted our Zghihara (as hard to pronounce as it is unmannered to the throat) understands the personality of a dry, direct, honest, untamable wine. Its simplicity equals its uniqueness and majestic character.
The personality of our Zghihara speaks best on behalf of Averesti spirit.