First vines were planted in Averesti during 1874, when the cellar was also built on the domains of Stefan Negruzzi. The cellar has a main alley of 150 meters in length and rests upon 5 stone arcades that hide 10 secondary caves. Brick, sand and clay in a solid mixture helped from construction protecting the caves from humidity.

The first grape - grower, Rene Faure, came from France to care for the domains. He brought with him also some French varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Aligote, to dovetail together with the Romanian authentic grapes.

During that period, The Manor was built and became emblematic for the winery. In its courtyard was established an arboretum with species of chestnut, lime and acacia, which still resists the times, along with some rare species brought from abroad. Back then, the Averesti wines were known and appreciated at Vienna where the nobleman, Stefan Negruzzi, proudly presented them at ballrooms, hunting trips or special evenings of the affluent society.

For higher productivity year by year, Rene Faure pioneered the first irrigation system in Romania based on a gravity pressure system in a no electricity country.

Nowadays, every year a bottle of the first wine is buried in a quiet corner of the cellar as an offering to the earth that brought to people a wine like a blessing.